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Gigi Gaudet

Founder & Visionary

My self-perception was always that of an athlete. I climbed Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous United States, with my two young adult children. I ran 3 marathons, played tennis, I sailed, I skied, and I completed a Half-Ironman which entails swimming 1.2 miles (1.9k), cycling 56.7 miles (90.1k), and then running 13.1 miles (21.1k).

Then, in late April 2022, a 3" mass was discovered in my head, pressing on my brain, making tasks such as writing, running, and driving a challenge. I could not run for more than 60 seconds, could not write neatly due to tremors, and encountered multiple car accidents due to a lack of peripheral vision.

The mass was surgically removed on May 10, 2022. Thankfully, it was completely benign, and I was discharged after 18 days of being chained to the hospital bed and chair on May 28, 2022.

I had to learn how to walk and how to speak again!
I slowly learned to play tennis again and, on December 4, ran a ½ marathon.

May 14, 2023 qualified for the Boston Marathon, beat time from nine years earlier, ran 9:11 minutes per mile, WON age group, less than one year from hospital discharge.

Sports, such as running, marathons, and triathlons, taught me important life lessons:

  • Believe in myself
  • Work with the hand I am dealt
  • Do not play the victim
  • Set goals
  • Stay energetic and positive
  • Never give up
  • Embrace challenges

I speak from personal experience; I am eager to share this story with others.

The mass in my head was not my fault. I did not ask for this; I accepted it and dealt with it.

When practicing my serve at 6:30 AM, people would walk by and comment: "I admire your determination, perseverance and tenacity."

The mass in my head could have been disastrous. I could have focused on negative thoughts, including, "I could die; anything can go wrong."

I did not say, "poor me" or "why me?"

I took the position: "How can I get better from this experience?" "How can I be better because of this experience?"

Lots of people get dealt a difficult hand to play.

Embrace challenges, whatever they are.

Here's my message: Like business, "Let's get on with it" is the correct approach. Don't let a bump in the road or even anything more than a bump keep us in a helpless state. Let's take these experiences and leverage them to create a new, exciting life.

Gigi Gaudet
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Christopher Cavin

Chris brings over 25 years of experience as an owner/operator of a document solution firm. I had primary responsibility for building revenue from a start-up to a $10 million enterprise serving the litigation support industry and other clients in three key locations. In addition to sales, I also have expansive knowledge of running every function of day-to-day operations. I recently leveraged that skill set in successfully establishing C-suite staffing relationships in the Westchester/Fairfield markets. I would add immediate value to a company seeking to build a competitive position.

Jeanine Jackson

Jeanine Careri Jackson has been a licensed Avatar Master and coach of personal development, belief management, and consciousness training since 2012. She holds a BA in Philosophy with a minor in general science and attended Medical School at the University of Florence in Italy. Ms. Jackson left medicine to pursue other interests, including wellness and fine art. She is the founder and President of The Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, CT Ambassador for The Portrait Society of America, and serves on the advisory board of the Greenwich Arts Council.

Jeanine Jackson's inspiration continues to be fueled by her three passions: art, science, and spirit.

The Empowerment & Adventure Program

Kassiani Pitassi

Has studied nutrition for many years. Kassi demonstrates an ongoing passion for nutrition and helping others achieve optimal health.